The Leadership & Freedom Center team embodies a carefully selected group of leaders. With over 400-combined years of multi-disciplinary experience these individuals

are masters in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, U.S. Special Operations, national security, academia, cyber security and nutrition.


Founder & CEO

Shawn is a leadership strategist, author and trainer, who speaks and trains on leadership, forging trusted teams, cybersecurity leadership, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.

Shawn's highly reviewed and rated book, "From Fears to Freedom- The H2G Revolution," is endorsed by internationally acclaimed leadership gurus: Ken Blanchard, Marshall Goldsmith and the late Warren Bennis. His book, focusing

on leadership and emotional intelligence, is endorsed by members of our U.S. Special Operations Forces, university coaches and diversified large and small companies nationwide.

Shawn founded the Leadership and Freedom Center and is co-founder and president of the Lodges at Gettysburg-- the 63 acre leadership training center and specialty event destination in historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 

Shawn graduated from the University of Southern California where his studies focused on  business marketing, behavioral science and political economy.


Clinical Psychologist


Joe is a board certified clinical psychologist with extensive experience designing and leading talent acquisition programs and developing sustainment strategies for elite performers and personnel in high risk occupations.  Expertise in leadership development and consulting on actionable strategies for optimal individual, team, and organizational performance.   With a background in elite athletic performance and over a decade of experience consulting to U.S. Special Operations Forces populations, Joe has been at the forefront of some of the most progressive developments within expeditionary embedded behavioral health care and organizational resiliency program development.


Joe earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Florida Tech after completing an APA accredited internship at the National Naval Medical Center, in Bethesda, MD.  Joe is currently a Captain in the U.S. Navy, serving in Virginia Beach, VA.


M.A., Ed.d.


Erik is a  Compassion Cultivation Teacher certified at the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education housed at Stanford University’s Medical School, as well as a graduate of U.C.L.A.’s Mindful Awareness Research Center housed at the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. 

​Erik's research was awarded a David and Lucille Packard Foundation Fellowship for Excellence for Children, Families, and Communities at the University of California, San Diego doctoral leadership program and he is a regular presenter and facilitator at peer-reviewed research conferences. His teaching and coaching experience includes working with athletes, students, parents, researchers, active and U.S. retired military and U.S. government agency intelligence and law enforcement personnel.




Joe is currently CEO/President of DEHAVEN CONSULTING GROUP, LLC, and President FORNETIX FEDERAL INC. 


Formerly, a member of the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service, Joe served 40+ years with the National Security Agency (NSA) and served in an extended partnership with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).  He was appointed as the first Director Space INFOSEC at that NRO and subsequently elevated to the NRO Board of Directors as the Director of Information Assurance.  He has been a change agent at the forefront of the design and development of disruptive high-speed systems security solutions to provide a seamless edge-to-edge secure architecture to enable some of our nation’s most critical information systems to include the emerging cyber domain. 


MAJ. (USAF Ret.) Ph.D


Glenn teaches and trains on the applied leadership lessons from the Battle of Gettysburg. He also has a keen focus on helping build resiliency in military families.

He spent 21 years in the U.S. Air Force of which 9 years were spent in Air Force Special Operations. He commanded an Air Force Special Operations Helicopter Unit in Panama; is a master aviator (Command Pilot) with 3,200 flying hours and has expertise with both fixed and rotary wings. 

Glenn graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1971.  He went on to receive his Master's in international Relations and his Ph.D in American History from Florida State University.  Glen taught 13 years as a professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy. He instructed leadership, special operations, combined arms and joint war fighting, military strategy, and theory and doctrine.  


Jeff has 20 years experience training U.S. military Special Operations Forces and 20 years experience in business as president and CEO of a small company. 


Using skills he developed as an All-American swimmer, Jeff currently serves as an instructor to the Navy SEALs/ Naval Special Warfare community where he teaches specialized tactical swimming. Through intensive self-study, Jeff has become a scholar and historian with a keen interest in the lessons of American history and the Civil War and can be heard on his iHeart Radio podcast Constitutional Conversations.

Jeff graduated from the University of Arizona where he earned his degree in Aerospace Engineering. 



“Ron had a  22-year distinguished career with the U.S. Secret Service, serving  on the Presidential Protection Detail and protecting four Presidents and many foreign dignitaries. He also supervised the Counterfeit Money Squad, the Financial Fraud Unit, the Intelligence Unit, the Presidential Protection Squad, and the elite Counter Assault Team (CAT) to combat terrorism.  Ron transitioned his security expertise to the private sector 25 years ago, where he’s developed and  led  a world-renown corporate, executive and cyber security risk management  consulting firm, Talon Companies. Ron teaches and trains building trusted leaders and building trusted teams.  “Trust and security” is everything.




These retired U.S. Special Operations Forces operators have served dedicated careers training, planning and executing successful team missions.


In the most chaotic, high stress and unpredictable environments imaginable these operators have found success. These master trainers will show how trusted teams successfully mitigate stress, and chaos, exercise sound and decisive judgment, and effectively execute your mission with tenacious integrity.

Due to national security and for the safety of these members with the nature of war on terrorism, the names of these individuals are not for public distribution.

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