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If you believe trusted and meaningful relationships are the MOST important thing in your personal and professional life, how do you grow, how do you nurture, and how do you sustain these relationships?

The       Formula 

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"To inspire humanity one person, one relationship and one team at a time by adopting and living a passionate and positive H2G (Head, Heart, Gut): mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual mindset with a daily disciplined plan to build trusted relationships to achieve individual and team growth, happiness and success."


"A passionate and disciplined H2G (Head, Heart, Gut) mindset in action. A trusted influence which inspires and maximizes efforts of others to commit forward and achieve a greater good through the power of engaged teams."



Shawn gives us the ingredients required to build high performance teams that nurture and support the members so that each can function to the fullest capacity in their role--whether in a family, a business, a special operations force, a sports team or any area in which one is involved. If the team does not know and practice the elements and behaviors that can make it successful, the poison of dissension could set in to try and destroy the unit; or, the unit could fail because the necessary ingredients are lacking. I highly recommend this book to any organization and team member to provide the tools to build and maintain healthy relationships that build trust and promise fulfillment in every area of life that involves a team effort. I loved this book!

- Marshall Goldsmith,PhD
NYT Bestselling Author, Leadership Thinker, CEO Fortune 500 Coach.


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