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"Leadership Lessons from the Battle of Gettysburg"

This battlefield leadership program focuses on individual leaders in the Battle of Gettysburg and the impact they had on the preparation, outcome and aftermath of the extraordinary events that shaped our history.  Were they ready when their test came? Could they have performed better? How so?  What actions or failures contributed to victory or defeat and leadership skills and lessons can we learn from their experiences and apply in our own lives and professions.  Gettysburg is the perfect place to understand the consequences, good or bad, that leaders have had on history.  Individual leaders matter, another clear lesson from the great battle fought here.    Join us on a unique journey to identify, learn and takeaway over thirty leadership case studies that will prepare your TEAM to become better equipped for the "Gettysburg's" that may come during your career.  

Our leadership programs help you to build, nurture and retain a thriving team culture that consistently achieves and embraces your company’s innovation, growth and success.   Our TEAM teaches, trains and tests how to develop and reach one's “full measure” – your maximum potential to become a Trusted Leader to inspire and lead others. Trusted Leadership is not something we are born with. It requires learned principles, skills and experiences which demand a serious commitment to acquire and master - truly, a lifetime journey.     

We teach two of the most important things at which effective leaders and team members must excel at to consistently achieve organizational success -  Building, nurturing and retaining trust along with learning and applying high emotional intelligence.



Program Training & Lessons

The 2 1/2 day program encompasses in class instruction and Battlefield experiences through the use of our top-tier TEAM.   Participants will learn:

Battle of Gettysburg Leadership Lessons – Success & Failures
Battle of Gettysburg Leadership Lessons - Case Studies
Forging Leaders through Self, Situational and Social Awareness
Identifying Trusted Leader and Team Behaviors
How to Build, Nurture and Retain Trusted Relationships—H2G™
Understanding Conflict Resolution
Tools, Techniques and Practices for Effective Communication
Learning and Applying High Emotional Intelligence
The Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness
How to Build and Maintain a Thriving Culture


Fully Customizable Programs


Our fully customizable programs include tuition, program materials, chartered Gettysburg Battlefield Tour and National Visitor Museum & Park tour, distinctive experiences at The Leadership & Freedom Training Center, all inclusive accommodations and meals while staying at the Lodges at Gettysburg.      In building this unforgettable historical adventure your personal well being has also been prioritized as the Lodges provides exceptional comfort, cuisine, and contentment that enhances this legendary destination’s impact.   The inspirational and award winning venue is situated on 63 acres offering a unique and relaxing setting to encourage team building, growth and development.

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