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SOLI Mission

Building Trusted Leaders, Building Trusted Teams:

In today’s complex, competitive and fast-changing global environment, organizations are demanding and expecting more. More productivity, higher performance, better communications, increased efficiencies, better work cultures, exceptional service and breakthrough innovations.

Our team believes that TRUST is the #1 necessity for high-performance teams to consistently achieve and sustain personal and team growth. Through a unique 2.5-day experience, our LFC Team offers  a H2G disciplined leadership mindset and the tools for people to become trusted and influential leaders.  "Teach, train and test” is how we ensure all participants discover and unleash their “Full Measure” - their highest human potential. 

We introduce and teach trusted leader and team behaviors that are absolutely critical to attract, inspire and retain the best team members and to achieve consistent mission success.


While there are many individuals and organizations that are in the business of  helping people understand and enhance leadership, three factors differentiate the SOLI program:


First, we start with trust as the fundamental concept that enables one to influence others for few will follow those they do not trust.

Second, we concentrate on using that trust to build a team. Learning how to build a team and then seeing how that team can become more effective and productive are lessons which are immensely valuable. Our dual focus on how to build trusted teams and how to strengthen existing teams is inherent in our approach and mission. Proven fundamentals of team interaction coupled with common experiences lead to an increased level of capability that can only be consistently sustained by teams that operate with high-trust relationships.

Third, we provide a set of out-of-the-classroom experiences that will challenge your team and allow an assessment of leadership qualities, team cohesion and team effectiveness. This assessment will be both personal and collective; it will be repeated as the lessons solidify one’s personal resolve to build the team and ensure team success. 

We believe in the old business aphorism: the 70-20-10 rule which says that 70% of leadership is learned by practicing influencing others, 20% can be learned through mentoring, and 10% is from the classroom. To ensure that the leadership lessons are retained, there must be an experiential component - we provide that component.

We will honor your investment and commitment of time to enhance and build your team and its individual team members.  It is this unique and comprehensive learning experience that will fuel your team to achieve lasting growth, fulfillment and success.

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