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Cyber Defense

Every organization in the United States is engaged in a global cyber war.  Our nation’s government and businesses are in constant conflict with nation-states, terrorists, and criminal organizations that have already cost countless American lives and billions of dollars.


Our cyber leadership program at the Special Operators Leadership Institute (SOLI)  is a new approach to the cyber challenge.  Instead of focusing on the technical elements of cyber security, the most elite warriors in the world will teach, train and test your organization on how to succeed in war.  Our retired Special Operations Forces (SOF) and cyber security team members will transform your mindset and culture, develop your employees, and reorient your mission to one that can fight and win this most complex type of asymmetric warfare.  

In addition to offering our experiential cyber attack simulations in our “cyber village,”  our “Institute For Cyber Threat Defense” (ICTD) will soon be offering extensive state-of-the-art and accredited on-line cybersecurity degrees, certifications, and training through our strategic partnership with a major university.

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